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Curious about what's new? Want to see the latest, greatest, next best thing to happen to sex since...well sex? We are the low price leader in adult novelties and entertainment. Why pay more at other stores or take your chances with online orders when you can come ask our staff and actually see, touch, and get a demonstration of the product before you buy it!

Now proudly offering Dragontailz!

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We are proud to be able to offer the Dragontailz line of high quality leather floggers, restraints and of course the Dragontail itself. Many of the products come with a lifetime warranty and their fit and finish cannot be beaten by any commercially available product on the market. If you want gear that is a cut above the rest and guaranteed to turn heads then this is exactly what you need.

Brand New from Nu.

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The new Sensuelle line from Nu is one of the most innovative lines we've seen out in a long time. We love to demonstrate these products just to see the look on the face of the customer when they see these toys do things that others have promised on but never quite delivered. Of course the look on their face when they find out that these toys can be had for well under the $100 dollar mark that one normally expects from a high quality product like the Sensuelle line.

The Stronic Series of Pulsators

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We had been hearing rumors of a brand new class of toy for months now, when we finally got the chance to see the new Stronic pulsators we were floored. For the first time ever there exists a toy that can actually thrust all on its own. There have been several attempts to design a toy like this in a small, discreet size for years but, the options were always mechanically flawed or just flat out disappointing. The Stronic Pulsators utilize a brand new motor technology that removes many of the common mechanical failings of earlier attempts at thrusting toys. You have to see these things to believe it.